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my story

Chapter 1 the beggining

It was a snowy night at the nacho’s base when person ordered a secret mission he just looked for everybody that was up all he found was obbleman, ninja,zipper,jackfrost,ads354,pants1026, and redbulit20, they weren’t the best troops but he couldnt wake anybody else up he tried but they would’nt wake up
so then they exited the building and went to the armory obbleman took the sniper, jackfrost took the machinegun, ads354 took the flamethrower, pants1027 took the rifle,
red bulit 20 took the submachinegun, person took the explosives, a bazooka and two desert eagles, ninja went to the garage and came out with a cat tank, then they all picked up 4 frags, 3 smokes, and 2 flashbangs then person just said “lets lock and load” and they all climbed up onto the cat tank and and person screamed, “move out!”.

Chapter 2 moving out

then the cat tank started rolling and they were into the forest but suddenly they heard explosions then they looked up and saw mortar shells coming at the base then they hit the deck and started crawling but then obbleman looked through his scope and he saw 6 acp mortar teams in mortar pits he told the others and they had a plan, ninja fired a shot into the sky then the mortars ducked down then each person fired at a mortar shell and all at once they exploded and killed all the mortars and they kept going as they finally made it to where they were going there were 2 acp halftracks scouting followed by 1 acp tank and acp 20 soldiers then person just started to lay 12 mines then the 2 half tracks rolled over them and exploded so then ninja fired at the enemy tank and nothing happen person fired a bazooka round nothing happened wow thats a lot of armour said jackfrost the person ordered redbulit20 to pop a smoke and then he gave him some C4 and he said go put that on the tank then run! So he did then the tank exploded the they didnt see the soldiers and all the sudden they started firing…

Chapter 3 WAR

then everybody threw a smoke into the soldiers then they threw grenades into it after the smoke cleared out all of them died. and they moved on they finally reached where they wanted to go… the acp barracks person put a charge on the door and blew the door open but then the sirens went off and everybody ran into the bushes and ninja got the cat tank into the trees then 1 by one acp soldiers rushed out of the barracks with only hidden pistols but the nachos didnt know they had pistols then all the sudden they threw grenades all over most of them jumped away but some died then they ran to the armorys to get weapons of all kinds but apparently it woke up zztops, aka, quince, puckly, and zipper,so then they all went into the armory zzztops, grabbed a machinegun so did aka
quince got a sniper, puckley grabbed a lemon shooter and zipper just grabbed a bunch of pies and then zztops said why did i even bring you guys? then aka went into a halftrack and so did zztops then puckley and zipper went into the turrets and they were off back at the acp barracks the nachos threw smokes, frags and flash bangs into the armory then they all went in there and started firing but then acp retuned fire and killed jackfrost then they all retreated to the acp sniping building and went to the roof then obbleman and pants1027 tried to kill the acp then all the sudden 2 halftracks came in firing.

Chapter 4 reinforcements

then person was gonna fire his bazooka but then obbleman looked through his scope and yelled friendlys! but then all the sudden 2 acp helicopters came rushing in but then puckley started to shoot lemons at the windshield and they broke through the windshield and went into the helicopters pilots eyes and they let go control of the helicopters and they they spun around and redbulit 20 yelled guys up here!!!but then an acp sniper hit obbleman in the face and he fell off the building then everybody got out of the half track and started firing at acp they all died but then an A-10 warthog came out of nowwhere and dropped a bomb on the sniper buildingand they died then zipper noticed acpsoldiers weren’t dead they were wounded so then he threw pies into their faces and they died and then the A-10 warthog dropped a bomb at the reinforcements but they ran then quince snipped the pilot and it crashed down onto the troopsand they all died… besides zipper he was still in the armory eating the extra pies then that there was nobody left he had nobody to throw pies at….


ninja:cat tank
zipper:pie man
jackfrost:machine gunner
ads354: flamethrower
person: leader
aka:MG/halftrack driver
zztops:MG/ halftrack driver
puckley: lemon shooter
quince: 2nd sniper

Posted by: pringle | 03/24/2009

Vote 4 Us!

Just to let ya know, in the Nachos me and my running mate, Spartanite, are running for Fjord Governor and Mayor, and I want YOU *Uncle Sam pose* to vote for us! Go to and go to the polls. Go to the 2nd poll and vote for Pringle64 and Spartanite.


Posted by: ©Oinky13™ | 01/09/2009

New Stage

Hey guys, Oinky13 here and today, Friday, the stage returned with shadow guy and gamma gal. I wish they had a new play but, shadow guy is one of my favorite plays. What’s your favorite play?



Posted by: lollypop20 | 12/25/2008

Merry christmas!

Merry chirstmas everyone. This lollypop20 here. I hope everyone got what they wanted!


Posted by: Red Bulit 20 | 12/23/2008

New cp background

Hi guys, I found that clubpenguin has a background: hihihihihihihi

I like it a lot do you?

Posted by: Red Bulit 20 | 12/22/2008

Mission sneak peak plus new severs!

Hi guys, its goal and there are 2 new things one is a mission spoiler:

The new mission will be ready December 29th, and I don’t want to give anything away, but it’s pretty unique because the PSA will be depending on you more than ever. Here’s a sneak peek:

JPGvsHERB1.jpgLet us know what you think.

The second thing is there are some new servers:

  • Southern Lights
  • Northern Lights
  • Ascent
  • Snow Cap
  • Snow Mobile Bye!

Posted by: Red Bulit 20 | 12/22/2008

3 days till christmas

ok only 3 days! I cant wait for christmas tomorrow (dec 23) i can bring in video games im my MP3 and DS what would you bring?

Posted by: ©Oinky13™ | 12/20/2008

new editor

hey guys, this is Oinky13, i am the new editor of this site! *Thanks to goalkeeper for adding me* here i will help post new cheats and tips for clubpenguin to make sure this site will be the best it can be. I have my own site too, click here to go there. 


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Just a Reminder

Hi fans this is just a reminder that Christmas is in 5 DAYS! 🙂 . Comment what you want for Christmas!

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Hey guys its lollypop20 here, and goal, jabs and I are working on pages and trying to fix up the site a little and jank it up. This used to be someone else’s site, and of course that user gave it to us. Being that its now ours, we deleted all of their posts and pages and added our own things. We are still working, and are trying out best to make this site like it used to be so please be paticent. You guys will be amazed when we have all of our pages, widgets and other stuff all set.


Posted by: Clubpenguin360 | 12/19/2008

Christmas party cheats 2008

Hey,penguins the Christmas Party came out it was the same as December 2006 party.i think Cp is getting so lazy to make better parties no wonder there ratings are dropping like crazy.There is alot of new stuff released today.New Pin,Free items,New Books and Ice rink being back.They finally brought it back about time.

Now for the New Pin go to Ski Lodge

Go to   the Ski Village for the Santa Beard

Go to Snow forts  for the Santa Hat

Also,there is new ClubPenguin Books in the Coffee Shop and Book Room

Coffee shop

Book Room

The Ice Rink is also back

That is all of the updates

Question: Do you like party?

I rate it maybe 5/10

Its the same as 2006 come on -Jabs19-

Posted by: lollypop20 | 12/19/2008

New author

Hey,penguins i’m Lollypop. I am the new author on this site thanks for adding me goal you rock.I will try my best on the Cp updates i’m not on all the time as much as I use to be. I hope this site becomes quite good. ~Lollypop~

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